So much more than find vacant moorings

The intention with Mooringo is to make life easier for every boater. Therefore we extend our offer with new exciting features. Download our app today and have a more relaxing boating experience.

Detailed information about your destinations


With Mooringo you can find detailed information on the destinations you intend to visit. You can look at images and read about what you can find in the harbour and in the vicinity.

The information and contact details are updated by the harbour. With Mooringo you can explore new destinations.

Know what is happening where you are going

Local events

The purple symbol in the corner of the harbour marker indicated that something is happening in the harbour on the selected date. You can read about the event by clicking on the symbol. The information is shown directly on the harbour information page.

If you host an event that you want to show in the app, sent us the information!

Find and get in contact with local business close the harbour

Local business

Is there diesel, a boat accessories shop, resturant, etc? Mooringo gives you the tool to find just the port you need whenever you need it. All information in one place.

If you are hungry, you can easily filter out all ports that have a restaurant or food store.

Find and book vacant berths where you want to go

Vacant berths

This is how it all began, we wanted to make it possible to find and book vacant berths all over the world, thereby creating new destinations as a complement to already known guest ports. This will always remain the core of Mooringo.

As ports and private individuals join, new destinations are created.

Collect credits and gain free overnight stays


You can collect credits using the app. The credits give you free overnight stays and offers from our sponsors. You get credits when you mark your berth vacant, announces current vacancy status in the port you are visiting, book visits or get new harbours to join Mooringo.

The more boaters we are, the better. This will give us more available berths, more destinations, better information and more events. That’s why you gain 1000 credits to recruit a new boater(He also receives 1000 credits).


Find a berth whenever and wherever you want. New places to moor just a click away from you!


Reach out to thousands of new boaters eager to moor. Make your berths more profitable by optimizing their use.

Download the app

Mooringo has a Global reach

Mooring works everywhere in the world The faster we grow, more available berths you will be available to book. Help us spread the word, tell your friends.