Our vision

Our vision is to change the life at sea by creating more guest berths. We want to reduce stress and inspire people to discover new favourite spots. We know that even the most conservative boat owners are ready to step into the new economy, where we share our empty berths with each other.



We spend a lot of time at sea ourselves and often find it hard to locate guest berths. Sometimes, when the wind blows strong we want a safe place to moor. Then we need to move to the nearest marina and hope to find a good berth.But we are not alone in doing that. So, we need to be there before everyone else, to increase our chances of finding a good spot. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to moor at the small private jetty we saw in that cosy bay or that buoy that no one seems to use. But who owns it and when will they be back? That’s the problem we want to solve with this app.


Our company, Mooringo, runs a marketplace where boat people can post, discover and book each other’s private berths via smartphone or tablet. Harbors can also join and market berths that are not in use. More guest berths are generated by Mooringo’s tools and the sharing economy goes to sea!


Whats our status?

In September 2015 we started the development work, which forms the basis of Mooringo. We introduced ourselves for the first time to the public in February 2016 at the boat fair in Gothenburg. The response was extremely positive. We also received very positive feedback at the boat fair in Stockholm in March. Both the app and the marina tool have been available for download and registration since 30 April 2016.


Follow us during the summer of 2016 when we launch our tools for the first time. And please spread the word if you like our idea!

We wish you relaxing moments at sea this summer.

Robert, Sarah and Therese at Mooringo

Contact us

Call +46 702 – 79 37 78, or send us a message