All harbors can now become guest harbors!

With Mooringo’s guest harbor tool, all boat clubs, private marinas, and small harbors can offer guest berths for boat owners out at sea looking for places to moor.

In summer many harbors and berths are empty when their members are away. Now there is the opportunity to market these places and attract guest boats for those harbors who want their empty berths filled. The goal is often to make some extra money for the boat club and to have a more lively harbor.


Become a bookable guest harbor without extra personnel

The Mooringo system takes care of everything. The person who manages the berths, or a club member, sets up a berth for rental with a click in the system. Instantly, it’s shown to all sailors seeking a guest berth in Mooringo’s mobile app, where they also book and pay for the berth. The money goes to your club account a week after the berth has been let, less a 3% administrative fee. You receive contact details for the guest via the system. You can choose to market only a couple of berths or the whole harbor.


A handy tool for the harbor master

Engage your members and the system becomes fully automatic. The members themselves mark their berths as free in the Mooring mobile app. If the members don’t have Mooringo or if the berth is not rented by someone, the harbor master can easily adjust this in the system. With Mooringo Marina the harbor master gets a good overview of all the berths and whether they are free, occupied or booked. Since the system is web-based this can be handled from wherever the harbor master is.

How is this system different from the old system with green and red flags?
These are two very similar systems, but with Mooringo Marina boat owners will know in advance if the harbors have free berths. They don’t need to arrive at the harbor in order to find out if there are any berths marked as green. Furthermore, both harbor master and members may adjust the availability of berths without being in the harbor and physically marking each as green or red.


Let Mooringo advertise your vacant berths at no charge

If Mooringo Marina feels like a good system, all you need to do is register your harbor with Mooringo and start using the service. Immediately boat owners will start to find your harbor in their mobile phone app when looking for berths in your waters. We take only 3% from the berths you rent out to cover our administrative costs. If you don’t rent anything, you don’t pay anything.

This is how you…

To create a berth in Mooringo:

  • Click ”Add new berth”.
  • Drag the green spot and drop it where you want the berth.
  • On the page ”New berth” you can add information about the berth. You can also connect the berth to a user. Click save.
  • To make the berth available, select the berth to open the booking calendar. Select dates and adjust the availability.

To create a row of berths in Mooringo:

  • Click ”Add berth row”.
  • On the page ”Add line of berths” you can add information that is common for all the berths. You can adjust these berths individually afterwards.
  • Under ”Berth line location and preview” you will find a map. Click where you want your row of berth will start, drag it to create grow and then drop. Click “save”.
  • Your row has been created and your can adjust the availability for every berth individually.


Why use Mooringo's guest berth system for our harbor, marina or yacht club?
  • You will get a user-friendly, web-based marina tool with a good overview of the berths that are vacant, occupied or reserved.
  • You can register vacant berths, make them bookable and get payments straight to the club account.
  • You get free marketing of your marina. Everyone who has the Mooringo mobile app will be able to see your guest berths. You pay an administration fee of 3% only when someone books and pays for a guest berth.
  • You make it possible for guests to pay harbor fees electronically. No need to have staff available to take payments.
  • You set the price and availability of your guest berths.
How does Mooringo work?
  • Someone at your club will need to spend an hour or two to register and set up your guest berths in the tool with the help of our Mooringo team.
  • Berths rented by your club members are linked to each member. This makes it possible for each member to set up their own schedule, showing when their berth is available for rental. Your members do this through Mooringo’s mobile app.
  • If a member does not use the Mooringo app, or if the berth is not connected to a member, you can use the Mooringo Marina web tool to set the berth as vacant in Mooringo.
  • All boat owners looking for a guest spot in Mooringo’s mobile app will see the guest berths that you have available as soon as you or a member set it as vacant in the schedule.
  • The guest books and pays for the berth via Mooringo’s mobile app. The berth then turns red in the system and cannot be booked by another guest.
  • The money from the booking will go straight to your club’s account.
How do we get members to use Mooringo?

To get the most out of the system, it is best if all of your members use the system. This is where they set their berth as vacant when they go to sea and keep track of how many times they have rented it out to someone.
It is up to you as a harbor master to motivate your members to use Mooringo to set a berth as available for guests.
Since your members do not directly get any part of the rental fee, our recommendation is that you motivate them in other ways, perhaps by lowering their membership fee with an amount that corresponds with how much they have made their berth available for rental.

Do we need to make all berths in the harbor bookable?

No, you do not need to make all your berths available for rental and booking via Mooringo. You can choose to register only part of the marina, or just a few berths if you want.

How is the electronic payment made?

Guests use their credit card to pay through the Mooringo app. You as a harbor supply the banking details of the account to which rental fees shall be transferred. Payments will be transferred to your account once a month.

Do all guests have to pay electronically via Mooringo?

No, guests do not have to pay the rental fee through the Mooringo app, but we encourage it for two reasons:

  1. Visitors are more likely to show up if they have paid in advance. If the payment is not made directly, the berth is still booked in the system and cannot be booked by other boat owners.
  2. Today more and more boat owners want to pay harbor fees electronically so they don’t need to search for personnel at the marina, or sit and wait in the boat for someone to assist them. Also many boat owners do not carry cash, despite the fact that several smaller harbors still use it as the only payment method.
Do we have to charge for the berths we set as vacant?

No, of course not. Some marinas do not use our services to make money, but simply to get a more vibrant harbor life and more guests to their harbor. They might have a cafe or a restaurant to which they want to draw people. They may have a nice club island they want to keep busy. Or they may just want to avoid the harbor being empty. In such cases, neither the marina nor we make any money. But there will be more berths available for guest boats, which is our goal!

Our harbor cannot offer all the facilities such as showers, electricity or garbage cans — can we still register our berths?

Of course you can. When registering your marina, you just tick the box for which facilities you offer. Then the guest will know what to expect when booking your berth. You do not need to offer any facilities at all, as long as you offer a safe place to moor.

Our harbor has locked gates. Can we still join Mooringo?

It is not impossible for a harbor with gates to join Mooringo, but it takes a little extra work. The harbor can switch to code locks or similar. You need to consider this cost against potential revenues. Furthermore, you also need to have a look at the terms and conditions of your insurance. It may state that a certain kind of gate is needed. If you have most of the facilities on the berths side of the gates (e.g. showers, garbage cans) the guest may still be happy to use your harbor. In this case you need to make it very clear in the description of the berth that they will not get past the gates.

How do we know who will visit our berths? What information do we have about people who have booked?

Each guest who books through the Mooringo mobile app registers their name, phone number and email address. They also add information about the boat size and the name of the vessel. Moreover, we will have a rating system where marinas can rate and write comments about guests.

How much does Mooringo cost?

The system is free, except for a 3% transaction fee of the bookings made via Mooringo. And you pay nothing, if none of your berths get booked and paid for.
If you try the system and do not like it, just cancel your membership. There is no period of notice, nor do you need to make any large investments.

What is the difference between Mooringo and other reservation systems?

The booking systems available today are only used by a few selected guest harbors. With Mooringo, boat owners can also book private jetties, harbors and buoys. Moreover, it is a system for boat owners who can make money on a berth that is not being used.