Help boat owners to discover new places and earn some money at the same time

Do you have your own private berth that you are allowed to rent out? Do you want this berth to be used when you are not using it? Post your berth in Mooringo’s mobile app, enter the location, price and date for when you want to rent it out. It’s that easy, try it yourself.

Your berth will immediately appear in the app for those looking for an available berth in your area. This is also where the guest books and pays. The money arrives into your account every month and we only take a 3% transaction fee. You pay nothing if no one rents your berth.


All berths may be interesting for someone

You might think that your berth is in a boring or not so cosy place but all berths might be interesting for someone. Perhaps there is a quick change in weather and a guest needs to find the nearest safe mooring place. Perhaps the guest has friends in the area who they want to visit. Since it is free to post your berth you can always try and see if someone wants to book it.


You receive contact details to the guest via the app

Every guest who books a berth via the Mooringo mobile app has registered their name, phone number and email address. They have also entered some information about their vessel; size and boat name. All this information will be available for you as soon as someone books your berth.

Do you have more than one berth?

If you happen to have more than one berth to rent out, you can register as a marina, and thus get access to Mooringo Marina. It’s a free, web-based administration tool which helps you to manage a number of berths. Read more about it here.


Why rent out your berth through Mooringo?

You help other boat owners to discover new places!
Make extra money when you are not using the berth yourself.
It’s free to advertise your berth.
You set the price and availability of your berth. We charge a transaction fee of 3%, only after someone has booked and paid for the berth.

Can anyone rent their berth?

No. Many harbors do not allow their members to either rent or lend out their berths. You need to consult the harbor master or other responsible person, before you rent your berth through Mooringo.
Here are a few tips on what to consider when talking about Mooringo with your marina:

  • Before you rent out through Mooringo, you need to know the rules and regulations that affect you, e.g. your lease, the rules of your yacht club or association and regulations set by your local authorities. Make sure that you fully understand and follow these rules before you advertise your berth.
  • In discussions with your boat club or association, you should think about what they need to know about your plans. It may be a good idea to mention the number of days you plan to rent out, and that you can provide the contact details of the boater who rents the berth.
  • Bring up the advantages it gives the marina. For example, that additional boats often result in a more lively atmosphere in the harbor which benefits restaurants, kiosks, boating equipment stores, etc.

If your marina or boat club does not allow members to rent out as individuals, you can tell them that the marina club itself can join Mooringo. The rental fee in that case is paid straight into the club account. Hopefully you will also benefit from these revenues through improved maintenance of the marina or lower membership fee.

How much should I charge?

Mooringo has no set price list, you decide what price you want to charge. Factors to keep in mind when setting the price are, for example, location, size, high or low season, the time of year, and harbor facilities.

How is payment made?

The guest pays by credit card via the Mooringo app. The money is deducted from the guest’s card directly, to ensure that you get money for your berth when it appears booked in the system.

After the rental you will get the money into your bank account once a month. The reason for waiting until after the rental, is to protect the guest from paying for berths that do not exist or do not meet the specifications.

How much will I get?

You will get your set price minus a 3% transaction fee.

Your guest pays the price you have set plus a guest fee to Mooringo. The size of the guest fee is 10%, which is the reason why he or she sees a higher total price than you have specified.

What about income tax?

Mooringo has no legal liability for members’ income from berths. We are neither able nor allowed to provide tax advice. Please consult your local tax agency for accurate information.

What happens if someone misbehaves? For example, litters or disturbs?

Each Mooringo member can write a review of both those who rent and those who rent out. Members who receive a number of complaints will be closed-off.

Any damage to boats or berths are to be settled between and by the members. Contact details are to be found in the booking details.

Our Terms and Conditions say:
If the guest causes damage to the berth, the guest is responsible for paying these damages. Usually this is covered by the insurance of the boat.
If the guest’s boat is damaged due to incorrect information from the person who rented out the berth, then the latter should compensate for it. However, the guest must prove that the damage was made in connection with the rental, and because of incorrect information about the berth.

How do I know that no one will use my berth without paying?

We cannot guarantee that no-one will use your berth without paying when you are away, which of course can happen whether you are using Mooringo or not. Your berth will appear green and vacant in the Mooringo app, until someone books the berth. If someone else is using the berth illegally on arrival, they should be shown the receipt of payment and asked to leave.

What do I do if I come back earlier than planned to my berth?

If you come home earlier than planned, simply adjust your schedule accordingly in the Mooringo app. If there are bookings made already for dates when you need your berth, then you either have to honour that agreement, or contact the guest to see if you can come to another solution.

Can I share my berth for free?

Absolutely. Neither Mooringo, nor you will then make any money, but there will be more guest berths avilable. We like that!

What do I do if I want to post more than one berth in the app?

The mobile app is built for boat owners who have one berth. If you happen to have more, then it is better for you to apply as a marina, and to get access to Mooringo Marina. It’s a free web-based administration tool which helps you to manage a number of berths. Read more about it here…